Mower Sales, Service, & Trade.

Mower Sales, Service, & Trade.

Mowing is an essential part of proper yard care. To ensure that you give your lawn a well-maintained appearance, you need to have the right machinery for upkeep. If you are looking for affordable top-quality zero-turn mowers, turn to none other than KC Mowers in Oak Grove, MO.

We have New, Used, Rough, Nice, all of the above equipment available for sale! Browse our inventory to find out more about our high-quality mowers. Trade-in option is also available!


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At KC Mowers, we specialize in Mower Sales of all types, Pre-Owned Mowers and selling them for prices that are more reasonable. We make it a point that each piece of equipment is mechanically maintained and meticulously serviced. With our keen attention to detail, we are the ideal partner to accommodate your mower needs.

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